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How do I transfer a call using my Allworx Telephone

To Transfer a call using an Allworx 9212/9224-

While on a call and if you have another user's telephone programmed on a button, you can simply press their button and the call is transferred. You can either wait until the called party answers and announce the call (Attended Transfer) or you can simply hang up after pressing the called party's button (Blind Transfer).

Alternatively you can transfer a call by pressing the Transfer button and dialing the other party's extension. You can then either hang up or announce the call and then hang up to transfer the call.

Click on the video below for more information

Lastly, you can cancel a transfer and send a caller straight to a user's voicemail box if needed. To do this the person transferring the call can press the Cancel Softkey that pops up on the display. Then you can press the Transfer button and the Vmail Softkey and then dial the persons extension to drop the call directly into their vm box.

Please see the video below for more information.

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