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How do I set up VM to Email in my NEC Inmail Voicemail System

How do I make email notification work on the InMail for the SV8100?

To set up InMail Email:

1. Confirm there is an ME50 installed on the CP00.

2. CM 10-50-01 enter license code 1013 and press Transfer. Quantity should be 1.

3. CM 10-50-01 enter license code 1014 and press Transfer. Quantity should be 1 or higher.

4. Enable the notification on a mailbox basis with CM 47-02-20.

5. Assign the email address for the InMail to send the notification to with CM 47-02-21.

6. Enable or disable the ability to attach the message as a wave file to the email with CM 47-02-22.

7. Assign the InMails Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) account details in 47-18 Note: If using customers Exchange Server they must have the SMTP Service enabled in the server.

8. Assign the POP3 settings for the InMail email account. Note: Even though the InMail cannot receive email messages the POP3 details are sometimes needed by the connecting email service as part of the email connection integration.

9. Confirm you have a good DNS address assigned in CM 90-11-11 if emails are being sent to the domain name of the email server.

10. At this point you should be able to leave a message in a mailbox to test the email notification. If the email fails or does not arrive troubleshoot the problem by using another SMTP email application with the InMail account details.

E.g. Set up Microsoft Outlook Express with the InMail email account details and try sending a message to one of the mailbox email addresses from the Outlook Express. If this fails it is easier for the onsite Information Technology (IT) person to understand and troubleshoot because Outlook Express is failing.

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