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NEC SV9100 Field Software Upgrade

How to upgrade NEC SV9100

Put firmware files onto root of clean usb drive

Open the Field Upgrade folder and copy everything in the Field folder to a blank USB

Put USB pendrive in to the SV9100

Turn off system

Press and hold small grey button to right of usb slot (labeled load sw)

While still holding grey button, power on system.

Continue to hold grey button in.

One of the red leds below the USB slot will start flashing

Release grey button at this point

After about 60 seconds THREE leds below usb will be flashing red

Upgrade now complete

Remove usb drive

Reboot SV

When it comes up, connect to PC Pro and near bottom of first screen on right side, check system software is at the

latest version.

Here are some links to a video on SV9100 Field Upgrade:

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