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Setting up an NEC IP Phone

Setting Up an NEC IP Phone


Log in Process

·        Press the Menu key. (Note if the phone is first booting up you may have to wait 20 seconds before you can get into setup.) If the phone is already booted up you will have to press the Menu key and dial (0) on the key pad.

·        User name: ADMIN

·        Password:  6633222

o    You can use the Silver Scroll pad to navigate from user name to password by pressing up or down. Also you can use this to navigate in the Configuration setup.

·        Press OK soft key to get into configuration

·        At this time press 1 to get into Network Settings

o    1: DHCP Mode

§  Enable or Disable             

o    2: IP Address

§  IP address, if DHCP is disabled

o    3: Default Gateway

§  Gateway,  if DHCP is disabled       

o    4: Subnet Mask

§  Subnet,  if DHCP is disabled

o    5: DNS Address

§  DNS,  if DHCP is disabled

o    6: Advanced Setting  (Advanced setting is used if VLANs are setup)

§  1: LAN Port Settings (Enabled VLAN mode and enter in VLAN ID if used.)

§  2: PC Port Settings (Not used)

§  3: CDP Mode (Not used)

§  5: Self Port Settings

Ø  1: RTP Self Port (Set to 3642) Default

Ø  2: SIP Self Port (Set to 5060) Default

·        Press the Exit Soft key to navigate back to the Configuration Page.

·        Press 2 to get into SIP Settings

o    1: SIP User

§  1: User ID (Not used)

§  2: Password (Not used)

§  3: Extension Number (Put the Extension number in here.)

o    2: Server Address & URI


o    3: Access Mode (Not used)

o    4: SIP Server Port

§  1st Server port (Change this to 5080)


o    8. NAT Traversal

§  1: NAT Traversal Mode

Ø  1: Disable

Ø  2: Dynamic

Ø  3: Static

§  3: WAN Settings

Ø  1: WAN Mate IP Address (IP Address of 10-12-07)

Ø  2: WAN SIP Mate Port (5080)

·        Press Exit Soft key to navigate back to the Configuration Page and press the Save Soft key to have the phone reboot.


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