Changing The Default IP Address of the NEC SL2100

Changing The Default IP Address of the NEC SL2100

This Tech Tip demonstrates how to change the default NEC SL2100 IP Address and use your own Static IP Address, as well as turning off DHCP, and more.

Get Connected

This Tech Tip requires access to the phone system using NEC PCPro Programming Software. To download the latest version of PCPro or for instructions on how to connect your computer to the phone system, please read the following: How to Connect to the NEC SL2100 or SL1100 Phone System for Programming.

IP Address Overview

VoIP connectivity is built in on the NEC SL2100 system.

• The default IP Address is
• The default VoIP Address is

You can connect PCPro or WEBPro to either address using the same Ethernet connection on the CPU.

Important! If you are connecting IP phones to the system, you must complete these 2 steps:

  1. Configure the phone to connect to the VoIP IP Address (default during the telephone set up
  2. Disable the default LAN IP Address (

Disabling the LAN Address

1. Go to Program 10-12: CPU Network Setup

2. Set the value of 10-12-01: IP Address to “”

3. Apply and upload this change

Disabling DHCP

1. Go to Program 10-63: DHCP Client Setting

2. Uncheck program 10-63-01: DHCP Client Mode

3. Apply and upload this change

Changing the VoIP IP Address

Before following these steps, consult with your network administrator for the appropriate usable addresses.

1. Go to Program 10-12: CPU Network Setup

2. Set the value of 10-12-09: VOIP IP Address to your Static IP Address for VoIP Connectivity

3. Set the value of 10-12-10: VOIP Subnet Mask to your Subnet Mask

4. Set the value of 10-12-03: Default Gateway to your Default Gateway

5. Apply and upload these changes

We recommend performing a system reset at this point.

Additional Changes Required When Using the VoIP Daughterboard

When the NEC SL2100 has a VoIP Daughter board, move the Ethernet cable from the ETHERNET jack to the VoIP jack.

NOTE: When adding the VoIP daughter board additional licensing may be required.

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