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NEC SV9100 SIP Tie Lines

SIP Tie Lines

51001 System Port License IP Trunk



 10-12-09 Set the IP Address for your IPLA/B (System IP)

 84-26 Set the IP Address for your DSP Resources

 10-68-01 Enable IP Trunk Availability (Set to SIP)

10-68-02 Enter the number of IP Trunks (Set to First available Trunk #)

10-68-03 Enter the number of IP Trunks (Set for Available Licenses)

 10-23-01 Enable System Interconnect

 10-23-02 Assign the IP address of the Remote System

 10-23-04 Dial Number (Enter the leading digit of extension numbers on remote site)

 10-36 SIP Trunk Registration -Set a User ID (Can be anything, won't work without)

 11-01 Define the F/Routes (Extension Numbers of the Remote Site)

 14-05 Place IP Trunks into own Trunk Group.

15-07 Assign CAP Keys to all Extensions

 22-02 Set all IP Trunks to "TIE LINES"

 44-02-01 Assign Dialed Digits (F/Routes)

 44-02-02 Set Service Type to F/Route

 44-02-03 Additional Data (Reference a F/Route table from 44-05)

 44-05 Assign Trunk Group and MAX digits

14-01-24 Caller ID Pass Through for SIP Trunks (Make sure it is checked per SIP Trunk)

14-02-23 Caller ID Receiving Method for Analog Trunks (Make sure it is set to Wait Caller ID)

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