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Installing a PGD-U10

Installing an NEC PGD U10 Adapter


1- Pick a Digital Port

2- MB 10-03 DLCA/CNF/IVR Channel  1  go to the digital port and set it at None.

3- MB 10-03 DLCA/CNF/IVR Channel  2  go to the digital port and set it at None.

4- Open the PGD Adapter up and set S3 and S4 Channel 1 and S5 and S6 Channel 2 for the setup you 

    would like to use.  Paging/ Doorphone

5- Plug the Digital Port into the PGD Adapter and let the system recognize it. 

6- Pull a fresh download and check both MB10-03 for Channel  1 and 2 and they should be set.

When using it for Paging you will need an RCA Cable and plug into the RCA Ports on the top using either Channel 1 or Channel 2 .  MB 31-04 and pick the PGDAD Speaker you are using and assign it to an External Paging Group.  Then set a button on the phone for External Paging and the Group.

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