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Allworx Auto On-Hold

To set your Allworx phones Auto on Hold Selection:
  • Press the Config Soft-Key located under the left side of your telephone display
  • Press the down arrow key 1-time to Preferences
  • Press the down arrow key until you see Auto On Hold
  • Press the Checkmark button
  • You can now select Enable or Disable.
  • When enabled and a user is on an active call the user can ask the active caller to be placed on hold and select the key of the incoming call and the active caller will be placed on hold automatically. 
  •  When disabled the user should not press the button of the incoming call or the call will automatically be disconnected.  The user should simply lift the handset to answer the ringing line. . 
  • Press the Exit Soft-Key again
  • Press the Yes Soft-key to save to the telephone's flash memory
  • Click on the video below to view

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