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Allworx Personal Speed Dials

To change your Personal Speed dials on your Allworx telephone:

>Press the Config Soft-Key located under the left side of your phone display

>Personal Speed Dial should be highlighted

>Press the Checkmark button

>You will now have the option of selecting Personal Speed dial 0-9

>Scroll up or down to the Speed Dial you would like to view or change

>Press the Checkmark button

>You can now Add, Edit or Delete the speed dial

>To program an external number, enter your systems outside line access code(Generally a 9) followed by the number exactly how you would dial the number yourself

>Press the Checkmark button to save

>Enter a name for the Speed Dial-the letters on the keypad will correspond to the letters you will enter. If you are entering a P you would press 7- 2 times etc.

>If you have 2 letters on the same key you can wait a couple of seconds and the cursor will automatically move to the next space

.>To enter a space press the # key.

>To back space press the down arrow or to forward a space press the up arrow.

>Press the Checkmark button to save

>Press the Exit Soft-Key

>Press the Exit Soft-Key again

>Press Yes to save to the phones flash memory

You have now programmed a Personal Speed Dial!

Please view the video below for more information

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