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How do I restore a system database to another Allworx System

To restore a saved Allworx Database to an Allworx system:
  • Put the system into Safemode
  • Verify that your PC is connected directly to the Allworx system
  • Set your PC to Obtain IP Address Automatically(It will pull an ip address from the Allworx system)
  • Make sure that port 5001 is open on your Windows Firewall
  • Make sure that any Antivirus Software is turned off on your PC
  • Open the Officesafe Administration Program
  • In Officesafe, go to Options and verify your IP Address
  • Go back to Options and browse for the file that you would like to Restore
  • Open a browser on your PC and Log into the Allworx System using
  • On the top left of the page you will have an option to Restore from Officesafe
  • Enter the IP address of your laptop
  • Click on Restore

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