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How do I set up a remote Allworx telephone

How Do I: Setup a Remote Phone


Setting up a remote phone is not very difficult, we have to be careful to allow the phone to communicate back and forth with the main Allworx server through firewalls.
How To Setup the Remote Phone:
Set up the phone with a Static IP and Gateway address of the local subnet.
Set the Boot IP address to the WAN address of the Allworx server
Set ‘Secret Key’ from the VoIP server block. (From the Administrative console, click on Servers and VoIP. The ‘Plug n Play Secret Key’ is listed there.
Now, once everything else is configured, we can reboot this phone and should then have access.
If there is a firewall on the subnet with the remote phone:
Set the following ports to open for the IP address we gave to the phone:
2088 (UDP)
5060 (UDP)
8081 (TCP)
We also need a range of ports for the remote phone. Each phone should have a range of at least 2 ports for every expected ‘call’ or ‘line’ the phone will make simultaneously. An easy way is to simply create a range of 10 ports for every remote phone ie:
15530-15539 (UDP)
16001-16010 (UDP)
How To Setup the Allworx Server:
Set up an extension and user for the remote phone system
Set up the Handset adding the necessary additions.
Click on View Configuration, scroll down to the Phone options, and click Modify
In the RTP Media Port Range, enter the range of 10 ports that we added to the Firewall above. If there wasn’t any, leave this at its default.
If there is a firewall on the subnet between the Allworx and the Internet:
Map these ports to the Public IP of the Allworx:
2088 (UDP)
5060 (UDP)
8081 (TCP)
15500-15511 (UDP)

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