Nortel Line Re-Direct

Changing the Allow Redirect setting.

1. Place the programming overlay on any M7310N or M7324N telephone
2. Press Feature **266344 (CONFIG). The display shows Password :.
3. Enter the system password. The display shows Terminals&Extns.
4. Press Show. The display shows Show extn#:.
5. Enter the extension number of the telephone you want to program.
6. Press Show. The display shows Line access.
7. Press Next until the display shows Restrictions.
8. Press Show. The display shows Restrn filters.
9. Press Next until the display shows Extn restrns.
10. Press Show.
11. Press Next until the display shows Allow redirect:.

To Redirect your lines to an external number.

1. Press Feature 84.
2. Select the press Intercom followed by the digit used to access an external line Pool e.g. 9, or an outgoing line to be used for redirected calls.
3. Enter the number to which calls will be redirected to (using no more than 24 digits), then pressing HOLD or OK,
4. Select the lines to be redirected using ALL or individual line keys.
5. Wait until the line indicators for the selected lines are lit, then
press OK.
Note: If you press OK before all the lines light up,those lines not lit are not redirected.
The line chosen for redirecting calls on other lines can still be
used normally when it is not busy on a redirected call. To avoid
redirection failing because the chosen line is in use, choose a line
Pool with several lines in it.
The system does not check that the number you give for Line redirection is a valid one. If you redirect to an invalid number,redirection fails.

Cancelling Line redirection
1. Press Feature #84
2. Select the lines you no longer want to be redirected.
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