Nortel Nam Initial Set-Up

​Norstar Nam. Make sure we have the Windows 98 laptop on a new install so we can set COS 1 password to never expire, set record call to yes and set redirect DN to no.

Nortel FAQ

  1. How do I get into phone programming in a Nortel Mics or Cics
  2. How do I forward my Nortel phone to voicemail?
  3. How do I do a Directed Pickup on my Nortel telephone?
  4. How do I do a Conference Call on my Nortel telephone?
  5. How do I determine what extension a Nortel phone is?
  6. How do I change which greeting plays on my Nortel Voicemail?
  7. How do I change the ring type on my Nortel telephone?
  8. How do I change the Contrast on my Nortel telephone?
  9. How do I access my voicemail from another phone on the Nortel system?
  10. Changing time on Nortel MICS/CICS
  11. How can I make a voice call on using my Nortel phone?
  12. How do I leave a message on the Nortel voicemail system?
  13. How do I change my recorded name on my Notel Voicemail box?
  14. How do I initialize my Norstar Voicemail?
  15. How do I put my Nortel phone into Do Not Disturb?
  16. How do I program an external autodial on my Nortel telephone?
  17. How do I program a Personal Speed dial on my Nortel telephone?
  18. How do I program a Feature on a button on my Nortel telephone?
  19. How do I progarm an internal autodial on my Nortel telephone?
  20. How do I pick up a call ringing in my pickup group?
  21. How do I Park a call on the Nortel phone system?
  22. How do I page on a Nortel phone?
  23. How do I log into Nortel NAM/Flash Voicemail?
  24. Nortel Voicemail External Access
  25. Nortel Nam Initial Set-Up
  26. Nortel Line Re-Direct
  27. How do I use redial on my Nortel telephone?
  28. How do I use a system speed dial on my Nortel telephone?
  29. How do I transfer a call to voicemail on a Norstar system?
  30. How do I tell what a button is programmed as on my Nortel telephone?
  31. How do I reset a voicemail password on the Nortel voicemail system?
  32. How do I recored or change my greeting on the Nortel Voicemail?

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