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How do I set up my voicemail on my NEC Um8000?


1. Press VMSG key

2. Enter default security code: 12345 then follow prompts

o First you will have to record your name for the company directory

o It will ask you to spell the first three letters of your name

o It will ask you if you would like to be listed in the company directory

o You will then have to record your greeting (Press * when done recording)

o Next you will be asked to enter in a new security code (must be 4-10 digits long, nothing too simple such as 1234, 1111, etc.)


***When you have Finished setting up your mailbox, the voicemail will say "if you are satisfied with these options press 1", if you do not press 1, then it will erase everything you have just done in the voicemail and you will have to start over.

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