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How do I access my NEC UM voicemail when auto attendant answers?


     1. Call the main number (or side door or DID if applicable)

     2. When auto attendant greeting begins:

     3. Enter 9 + your local (ex 105, 128) Enter your security code

     4. Press 4 to listen to NEW messages or 6 for old messages

     5. The system will then tell you "You have ___ messages, would you like to hear them?" Press 1 for Yes, or 2 for No

     6. While listening to a message you can press:

                         To back up a few seconds Press #

                         To repeat the message Press ##

                         To hear a menu of options Press 3

                         Check Next Message Press 35

                         Delete Message Press 36

                         Save Message Press 37

                         Time and Date Press 38

                         Redirect Message to Another Mailbox Press 39

                         Save as New (New Messages only) Press 30

                         Repeat Message Again Press 3#

                         Exit quickly using a one touch phone Press *

Remember press 1 for yes and 2 for no

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